About Flour Miller Group

We all love food and it is the most vital element for our life providing nourishment and good health. Flour Miller Group has been a part of your daily lives since more than three decades manufacturing and delivering daily consumption products like Wheat Flour, Maida, Atta, Suji, Rava and more that are superior in quality. With humble beginning and firm footsteps, we have carved a distinct identity for ourselves achieving milestones one after another with F & K Agro Pvt. Ltd unit in Satara, Poonam Roller Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd unit in Varodara and F & K Agro Pvt. Ltd unit in Kopargaon; pioneering as the leading manufacturer of wheat flour in India with the foresight to export products in the global markets. We manufacture more than 2,75,000 metric tonnes of flour every year.

We put our heart, mind and soul into the business of flowering the health of our customers by conducting quality checks at each and every level of manufacturing process with utmost efficiency and innovative techniques. With our seamless operating systems and modern plants and machineries, we attain our motto of right pricing and quality control.